Inkjet print, 35X52 cm
1 Lobby
Inkjet print, 33X48 cm
2 Passage
Inkjet print, 34X49 cm
3 The Gate
Inkjet print, 34X48 cm
4 Tunnel
Inkjet print, 34X49 cm
5 Transition
Inkjet print, 33X43 cm
6 Bridge

Transition originates in Ilit Azoulay’s recurring exploration of construction sites and empty buildings in South Tel Aviv, from which she extracted elements that remain in vacated halls and spaces but refer to their former connectivity. Transforming them from modes of architecture to the spatial references that comprise this body of work. The titles of the works – Passage, The Gate, Lobby, Tunnel, Bridge, and Transition – indicate the direction toward which Azoulay focuses her gaze. However, she extends her view beyond the transitional spaces themselves by incorporating selected items she collected in and around the various sites. In so doing, Azoulay assembles a carefully thought out arbitrariness wherein the featured found objects are redefined by the void in which she places them, and Transition proposes an almost impossible juxtaposition of the infinite state of transience through its depiction of supposedly motionless moments.