Inkjet print, 85X235 cm
1 Forget Me Not
Inkjet print, 85X169 cm
2 Tiling Stories
Inkjet print, 123X148 cm
3 Last Words
Inkjet print, 89X203 cm
4 Transmeeting
Inkjet print, 41X62 cm
5 Lost in Translation
Inkjet print, 115X285 cm
6 In the middle of the fields of flowers
Inkjet print, 100X149 cm
7 Bricolage (II)
Inkjet print, 123X148 cm
8 Bricolage (III)

In Transferumbau, Ilit Azoulay revisits the controversial Transfer Agreement between Zionist organizations and Nazi Germany that allowed the most affluent of the country’s Jewish population to leave for Mandatory Palestine and relocate a portion of their financial holdings. By tracing architectural elements, construction materials, and original objects transferred during the period in question, Transferumbau reaches beyond its original setting at Liebling Haus as part of the White City in Tel Aviv to reveal the pivotal nature of the emigration of people, materials, and cultures as carriers of both aesthetic and national ideologies. Through the prism of seven carefully composed photomontages, Azoulay considers notions of migration and mobility and their impact on the structure of individual moments in history and collective memory. Created within a broader collaboration between curator Hila Cohen-Schneiderman, alongside artists Lou Moria, Nir Shauloff, and Jonathan Touitou, Transferumbau was exhibited simultaneously at the Liebling Haus, Tel Aviv, Israel, in honor of its inauguration as the White City Center, and at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Dessau, Germany, as part of the Bauhaus 100th Anniversary.


Liebling Haus – White City Center, Tel Aviv 2019