The Lift

Sternthal Books, 2019
ISBN 978–88–6749–383–8
25 $

Edited by Hila Cohen-Schneiderman


In the staircase of the Max Liebling House in Tel Aviv, a tile peeled off the wall during renovation work. The name of the manufacturer appeared under the plaster: Villeroy und Boch – Made in Germany. Other materials from Germany can also be found in the building erected in Tel Aviv in 1936. The Max Liebling House is one of about 4,000 houses in the “White City”, whose architecture is closely connected to the formal language of the Bauhaus. The use of building materials from Germany is based on the almost unknown Haavara Agreement. The publication “The Lift: The Transfer (Haavara) Agreements” collects the artistic research done by Ilit Azoulay, Lou Moria, Nir Sauloff and Jonathan Touitou for the exhibitions at Liebling Haus and the Bauhaus Dessau in 2019.