Still Life?

Hangar Photo Art Center, 2019

4th edition of PhotoBrussels Festival / Catalogue 2019


At Hangar, the major exhibition of the PhotoBrussels Festival revisits the theme of “Still life?”. Whether classic or unpredictable in their work, the selected photographers, emerging talents or established artists, each offers a very unique and personal point of view on the still life.

Presented artists: Ilit Azoulay, Dan Bannino, Vincen Beeckman, Bert Danckaert, Jean-Robert Dantou, Véronique Ellena, Vincent Fournier, Teresa Giannico, Geneviève Gleize, Jean-Baptiste Huynh, Erwin Olaf, Alice Pallot, Klaus Pichler, Baptiste Rabichon, Tara Sellios, Krista van der Niet, Fleur van Dodewaard, Wim Wauman et Giljung Yoon.