Regarding Silences




2016<br> Latex print, 200X940 cm
1 B:”…o.k. shall we sit I have some good news for you gentlemen…”
2016<br> Inkjet print, 106X277 cm
2 Third Dream, I see places
2013<br>Inkjet print, 150X300 cm
3 Howling For Beuys
2013<br>Inkjet print, 150X440 cm
4 Imaginary Order
2012<br>Inkjet print, 142X288 cm
5 Intoxication of oblivion
2012<br>Inkjet print, 144X288 cm
6 Mirror Stage
2016<br>Inkjet print, 150X110 cm
7 Retreat!

In Regarding Silences, nine panoramic photomontages serve as visual accounts of a major reconstruction of an emblematic building in Israel, which, at a time, was occupied by the Israel Defense Forces for holding captive and interrogating soldiers taken as prisoners of war by neighboring countries in 1973. Transformed from a convalescent home to a luxury hotel and multidisciplinary art center, the notorious militant period in between was silenced in Israeli recorded history and left out of its collective memory. While Azoulay recorded the changing architectural and cultural landscape, her photographs bring forth the buried layers of enforced silence and concealment, and are accompanied by transcripted testimonies by the men who endured treatments such as of forced drug-abuse and trauma-inducing interrogation  carried out by their own forces. Complete with an installation of 43 transcripted interviews and a sound work conceived for the project, Regarding Silences is an invitation to enter a vacant non-space, representing the unimaginable, repressed, and mental spheres that resurface in Azoulay’s images.

Regarding Silences
CCA- Center of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, 2019.