No Thing Dies




Inkjet print, gold leaves, 154X116 cm
Vitrine No. 1 Under the surface only the mereness of things could be seen
Inkjet print, gold leaves, 161X122 cm
Vitrine No. 2 Dreamtime. All this and more he had seen while asleep
Inkjet print, gold leaves, 170X150 cm
Vitrine No. 3 New head – when he made the wrong movement he didn’t know what harmony he was tearing apart
Inkjet print, gold leaves, 142X120 cm
Vitrine No. 4 (Take, for instance, this) true story
Inkjet print, 99X70 cm
Vitrine No. 5 Neither dream nor riddle
Inkjet print, 230X150 cm
Vitrine No. 6 It is impossible to explain how suddenly everything stood still
Inkjet print, 193X150 cm
Vitrine No. 7 Cover story
Inkjet print, 257X73 cm
Vitrine No. 8 Turkish textile
Inkjet print, 214X150 cm
Vitrine No. 9 The return of things that are no more
Inkjet print, 257X120 cm
Vitrine No. 10 Cover story (late)
Inkjet print, 104X65 cm
Vitrine No. 11 On the most beautiful thing in the world
Inkjet print, 130X179 cm
Vitrine No. 12+13 For unknown reasons, the place they occupied is empty
Inkjet print, 174X136 cm
Vitrine No. 14 One may ask, how, by what principle, does the world persist?
Inkjet print, 168X149 cm
Vitrine No. 15 Contemplating, what did he see? The beginning, preceded by nothing?
Inkjet print, 131X101 cm
Vitrine No. 16 Remembered from that journey was only this
Inkjet print, 138X98 cm
Vitrine No. 17 The life in her is limited to that side only
Inkjet print, 125X77 cm
Vitrine No. 18 Before she reaches the ground (still mid-air) one can see that her neck is broken
Inkjet print, 117X80 cm
Vitrine No. 19 Imagine that only one person could see the mereness of things
Inkjet print, 157X121 cm
Vitrine No. 20 All sorts of sights went wrong like a great catastrophe in a glass storage

Between 2014 and 2017, Ilit Azoulay gained exclusive access to the Israel Museum’s archives and storerooms, culminating in a unique archive comprising 753 images and their stories, or fragments thereof. Sourced from the collections of the museum, No Thing Dies is a compilation of twenty photomontages in the form of vitrines through which Azoulay unearths the history and legacy of countless artefacts that were neither publicly displayed nor given proper attention, due to their origin, role, or relevance under dominating cultural and historical narratives.

Azoulay traces the journeys of the artefacts represented in each work, their original purpose, and the challenges of economic and political nature pertaining to their preservation and display, alongside the instrumental role of a museum in the formation of a cultural landscape.

The project confronts existing international modes of accountability, visibility, and presentation of history, raising awareness as to how and by whom they are navigated.

Ilit Azoulay: No Thing Dies,
ed. by Maurin Dietrich,
Mousse Publishing,
Milan, 2019.
English, 264 pages, softcover,
23.5 x 33 cm,
ISBN: 978-88-6749-383-8.
Ilit Azoulay: No Thing Dies, ed. by Maurin Dietrich, Mousse Publishing, Milan, 2019. English, 264 pages, softcover, 23.5 x 33 cm, ISBN: 978-88-6749-383-8

No Thing Dies
Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2017