2011<br>Inkjet Print, 58X129 cm
1 Staircase
2011<br>Inkjet Print, 69X109 cm
2 At the appearance of things
2010<br>Inkjet Print, 100X160 cm
3 Telegram 24
2011<br>Inkjet Print, 68X129 cm
4 By Mutual Assent
2011<br>Inkjet Print, 100X153 xm
5 Bidirectional Thought
2012<br>Inkjet Print, 100X233 cm
6 Synecdoche
2010<br>Inkjet Print, 100X160 cm
7 Relative Parts

Messengers comprises a constellation of site-specific works created through individual commissions. This pieces are held together by their documentation of existing buildings, and the respective spaces within them, which at the time of each project were on the threshold of change or disappearance. Each work included in Messengers is inhabited by traces of architectural structures and elements, through which Azoulay marks a separate point of reference to the time and place she was requested to record, verify, and visually convey, before they are lost. Arranged in ambiguous compositions, the represented spatial remains bear a meaningful message; an anecdote that unfolds the state of the sites once scheduled for reconstruction or demolition, assembling a formation of time and memory.