Implicit Manifestation




Inkjet print, 250X900 cm
1 Shifting Degrees of Certainty
Inkjet print, 150X700 cm
2 Third Option
Inkjet print, 59X450 cm
3 Seventh Option
Inkjet print, 486X139 cm
4 Fifth Option
Inkjet print, 548X139 cm
5 Sixth Option
Inkjet print, 50X110 cm
6 Second Option
Inkjet print, 88X120 cm
7 Fourth Option
Exhibit 83 Stuffed Giraffe in a Display Window Facing the Street
Exhibit 84 Electric Scaffold
Exhibit 76 Molar Tooth
Exhibit 78 Folding Chairs
Exhibit 65 Tombstone
Exhibit 45 The Violinist S.T
Exhibit 67 Fingerprint
Exhibit 38 Stuffed Parrot
Exhibit 39 Stone Seat
Exhibit 46 Reflection on Electric Switch

Challenging singular perspectives, echoing the intricacies of cultural, social, and political dynamics, Implicit Manifestation journey through urban excavations, exploring reconstructed structures and sites, as narratives rise, questioning the shaping of history. Born out of the residency and the exhibition Shifting Degrees of Certainty (2014), Azolay continued a project that unfolds the inevitable bond between the transmission of knowledge and the vehicle of recounting information through the photographic depictions of unacknowledged architectural scraps and decontextualized remnants of the mundane; a constructed system of eighty-five assorted objects and their stories as a sound work. For this purpose, the artist entered German archives, revealing how institutions influence collective memory and history. This system of works functions like a visual motherboard through which Azoulay delves into the nature of public archives and the fluidity of the materials they store. Together with soundscapes assembled into a matrix across formats, the works embrace the ordinary’s potent stories and capture the unpredictable nature of knowledge. As you navigate this mosaic, contemplate the intricate tapestry of our past, underscoring the power of archives and their ever-shifting materials.

The project was developed during a residency at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, initiated by the Shpilman Institute for Photography, Tel Aviv, in collaboration with KW and the Schir Foundation, Berlin.

Implicit Manifestation
 Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, 2017

Sound performance with Artist Ayumi Paul at  Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, 2017