Digital Amnesia or Constructed Memory




2023<br> Ditone print, 147X483 cm
1 Digital Amnesia or Constructed Memory

Digital Amnesia or Constructed Memory presents the historic halls of the Maximilian Gymnasium in Munich, as reimagined by Ilit Azoulay, in a bid to preserve its myriad histories, both told and untold. Encased in a stone frame, the work comprises a panoramic photomontage of some 3,000 photographs taken with a macro lens, alongside contemporary renditions of long-established Bavarian anthems and folk songs that are accessed through Augmented Reality technology on site, which gives to an exclusive project website with additional text and sound elements. Exposing an earnest determination to preserve the nature of the traditional hymns of praise, Azoulay’s critical approach merges the collected stories with the resonating sounds of traditional Bavaria—suggesting, through the realms of memory and sound, that there is always more than meets the eye.