a 7th Option

Edited by Jonathan Touitou


Coinciding with her inclusion in The Museum of Modern Art’s “Ocean of Images: New Photography 2015” exhibition, Ilit Azoulay presented “a 7th Option”, her third solo exhibition at Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York, 2015. 
In a publication accompanying the gallery show, curator Jonathan Touitou highlights a selection of fragments and objects from the 85-piece lexicon of “Shifting Degrees of Certainty”. In his text, Touitou offers a newly imagined story from his personal experience of the work.
The exhibition featured large-scale photographic installations that suggest ways in which history is constructed, organized, and perhaps manipulated. In these works, Azoulay continues her excavation of urban layers and their hidden histories.
Azoulay began this series during a residency at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. Channeling the spirit of archeologists, historians, and urban explorers, she traveled around Germany collecting and photographing objects and architectural fragments.
Her massive photographic installation recombines those images into intricate puzzles that tease the eye and mind. Combining her lexicon of images – architectonic and decorative, art-historical and vernacular, funerary and monumental – Azoulay creates an open-ended narrative that the viewer is invited to complete. The 36-foot-long panorama (1.142 cm), “Seventh Option”, creates a theatrical configuration, while its title refers to one of the possible stories the panorama suggests.